Point Hardware And Software ENGINE (P.H.A.S.E.)

Structure of the Phase ENGINE, A Three-Phase Program
Phase I is the startup phase of the R/R&D to determine scientific and technical merit and feasibility of a proposed effort. Phase I awards are no more than six weeks in duration.

Phase II is a continuation of the Phase I work to develop the prototype site. Phase II awards are  typically no more that two weeks in duration. Funding is based upon the results of Phase I and the technical merit and commercial potential of the Phase II.

Phase III is the commercial application of the SITE/R&D. Phase III must be funded by sources other than the Program. Small businesses must find funding from the private sector or an agency to develop the technology into a product or service.

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Method of Selection and Evaluation Criteria
Phase I Phase II
Proposals will be evaluated primarily by personnel and awarded competitively based on the following criteria:
  • Soundness, technical merit, and innovation of the proposed approach and its progress toward a solution.
  • Qualifications of the proposed principal/key investigator, supporting staff and consultants.
  • Potential for commercial (private sector or government) application.
Phase I project providers will be invited by the respective Program Manager to submit a phase II proposal. Phase II invitations will be based upon progress toward meeting the Phase I technical objectives, on the technical results reflected in the monthly and/or final reports, and by site visits conducted by Phasedata, and Phase II plans.

Evaluation of Phase II proposals will begin upon receipt of the individual proposals based on the above criteria with a greater emphasis on commercialization.
Fast Track
The program has implemented a streamlined Fast Track process for projects that attract matching cash from an outside investor for the Phase II effort. The purpose is to focus funding on those projects that are most likely to be developed into viable new products that others will buy and that will thereby make a major contribution to Homeland Security and/or economic capabilities.
To qualify for Fast Track the proposing company and its outside investor must:
  • State that the outside investor will fund the Phase II Fast Track proposal, in cash, contingent on the company's selection for Phase II award.
  • Certify that the outside funding proposed in the application qualifies as an "outside investor".
  • Transfer funds from the outside investor to the company within 60 days after being notified of being selected for a Phase II award.
Accelerated Award and Funding
Phasedata has implemented several processes to accelerate the Phase I and Phase II award process to further satisfy operational requirements and commercial application.

  • Phase I review and awards will be accomplished within approximately 3 months.
  • Invited Phase II projects will be reviewed and awards will be made incrementally, as quickly as possible, to maintain the momentum of the Phase I effort. The Phase II Proposal invitation process is an attempt to identify expeditiously those Phase I awardees deserving of Phase II awards.
  • Phasedata will provide technical assistance to assist with the commercial application of its small business awardees.


Participating Federal Agencies
Each year the following 11 federal departments and agencies set aside a portion of their R/R&D funds for awards to small business:

Department of Agriculture

Department of Commerce

Department of Defense

Department of Education

Department of Energy

Department of Health and Human Services